Do I have to be a Christian to come to your church?

No! Just come as you are. We welcome you wherever you are in your spiritual journey – from skeptic or doubter to fully-devoted follower of Jesus. We encourage believers and skeptics alike to ask questions and process their doubts and beliefs, and Christ the Shepherd Church is a very safe place to do that. We are an inviting and warm community – authentic, accessible, safe, unpretentious, relevant and caring.

What is your service like?

Our worship service is centered on God, and our purpose is to glorify and enjoy him. We believe he is actually present with us through his Holy Spirit (as he is with all his people everywhere). Our worship and adoration are directed to him, and we seek to know him better.

At each service, we sing songs of worship and praise, and we affirm our faith formally through reciting one of the ancient creeds (Apostles’ Creed or Nicene Creed). We confess, both corporately and privately, our failure to meet God’s goals for life and living, and hear again of the forgiveness that comes through Jesus Christ. We pray for people in need and for God’s plan to be carried out in our city, state, nation and world. We hear a Bible-based sermon that is in-depth, grace-filled and applicable to our daily lives. And we celebrate the Lord’s Supper (Communion) together each week. The entire service is about 75-80 minutes long.

What is your music like?

Music is definitely one of the highlights of our service. Our worship team, comprised of instrumentalists and vocalists, leads us in singing an uplifting blend of both long-standing hymn favorites and songs that reflect a more contemporary musical language – all meeting a standard of theological richness in content, and drawing us to exalt and surrender to Jesus.

What should I wear?

Most of our folks’ Sunday attire is casual and comfortable – khakis or jeans for men, slacks or dresses for women. Wear what makes you feel comfortable worshiping God.

What should I bring?

Bring yourself, your family, and a Bible if you’re comfortable with that. If you don’t own a Bible, we’d love to give you one. Just stop by our literature table and pick one up.

What about my children?

Children of all ages are welcome in our worship services. Their presence is a gift to us, and we love it when their voices punctuate the sermon, or they escape mom or dad’s grasp and toddle to the front. We encourage you to sit where it’s easy for your children to see and hear what’s going on, and please feel free to quietly explain to them the various parts of the service. Sing the songs, pray, and respond appropriately from the heart. Children learn to worship by seeing others engage their hearts with God.

If you feel your children would be more comfortable in another setting, we do have a nursery for infants and young children. Someone can help you take them there, but please come back when they’re settled, and continue to worship with us. If you decide to stay with them, you can still hear the service, piped over the intercom system.

Do you have Sunday School?

Presentlt we do not have Sunday school avilable due to the pandemic. During the acdemic school year, we usually have Adult and Children Sunday a short period following the Worship service. Our Sunday School program follows the worship service, with a fun environment of age-specific classes for children, where they can learn and grow to know Jesus in a personal way. We also have simultaneous teen classes, where they can grow, learn and connect with their peers, and adult classes on various issues of Christian faith and practice.