John Owen on the Holy Spirit

August 5, 2015

by Dave Hutchinson


What a great morning, with the music of George Winston and Van Morrison and (next on the playlist) Claude Debussy in the background -- reading from an excellent book, A Puritan Theology:  Doctrine for Life by Joel R. Beeke & Mark Jones. 

Thought I would stop and share with you these 9 ways tha the Holy Spirit "communes" with a believer.  Some truth from the 1600's, coming at you!

1.  The Spirit helps the believer remember the words of Christ and teaches what they mean.

2.  The Spirit glorifies Christ.

3.  He pours out the love of God in the Christian's heart.

4.  He witnesses to the believer that he/she is a child of God.

5.  He seals faith in the Christian.

6.  As the earnest of our inheritance, He asures the believer of salvation.

7.  He anoints the believer.

8.  As the indwelling Spirit He sheds the love of God abroad in the believer's heart.

9.  He becomes to him the Spirit of supplication.

My goal with this post isn't to elaborate on each of these points--but I'm happy to discuss any and all of them with whoever wants.  OK, now where's that remote so I can engage Mr. Debussy to assist in further contemplation.

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