August 15, 2015

by Dave Hutchinson


"Let not thy peace depend on the tongues of men; for whether they put a good or bad construction of what thou doest, thou art still what thou art." 

Well, those are some good words from that spiritual man who lived more than 500 years ago.  To whom do you answer?  To the Lord.  Keith Green's song that said, "Keep doing your best.  Pray that it's blessed.  He'll take care of the rest," comes to mind.  Everyone has an opinion about what you should do or what you should have done or what they would have done.  Or they have high praise for what you did.  Doesn't matter, does it?

Biblically -- it's between you and God.  Live according to Scripture.  Live in prayer.  When you stray, get back on track.  And don't let all those voices clutter up the communication between yourself and your God.

A wise pastor under whom I served once said, "Don't listen to your good press.  Don't listen to your bad press.  Just press on!"

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