Talking soccer smack with the Brazilian-American kids

August 8, 2015

by Dave Hutchinson


Last night my kids and a couple of their friends were at the youth group which is run by our sister church, Christian Community Church.  My son gets a drum lesson from their youth leader first, then the worship team comes in to rehearse, and then is this excellently planned and led time for teens who range in school from junior high to early college.  The college kids provide the leadership.  Christian Comunity Church is a predominantly-Brazilian immigrant church and these kids were either born in the US or arrived in this country as small chidren.  There's a unique Latino/American flavor in that youth group.

What made last night so much fun for me as I interacted a bit before and after the meeting, was all of the soccer jerseys that the guys were wearing on the eve of the Premier League Kick-off.  Kids approached me about my team, Manchester United.  One young man was wearing his Tottenham jersey we talked smack about the game that took place this morning.  I'm looking forward to seeing him Sunday between the services to rub it in a little bit.  And I'll go after those Chelsea fans also.

All of this to make a broader point.  I LOVE these Brazilian immigrants!  You say the word "immigrant" to me and, where I used to think of my Scandinavian great grandparents, now I think of hard-working fellow Christians who love the Lord and love their families and who have made my life so much richer.

Without being political, because we absolutely don't want to be a Republican or Democratic church, or endorse any politician (while we certainly do endorse every office-holder as worthy of our prayers and as people who God has placed in authority over us), I continue to be pro-immigrant.  I see how much good is done in my city and my church -- and I would be pleased if, (a long time) down the road , my kids found their spouses among the kids who are part of our sister church.  

So right now I'm thanking God for cultural diversity, appreciating what makes us different and celebrating our Common Denominator, Jesus Christ. 

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