An important component of doing theology

January 16, 2015

by Dave Hutchinson

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Food for Thought

Wells's third component [of doing theology, along with confession, and reflection on this confession] involves "the cultivation of those virtues that constitute a wisdom for life, the kind of wisdom in which Christian practice is built on the pillars of confession and surrounded by the scaffolding of reflection."  Although often neglected, this dimension is critical, for genuine theology cannot merely be an intellectual exercise but must also include that growth in wisdom that transforms not only the understanding but also our dispositions, attitudes, and conduct.  In other words, theology should result in "the type of spirituality that is centrally moral in its nature because God is centrally holy in his being, that sees Christian practice not primarily as a matter of technique but as a matter of truth, and that refuses to disjoin practice from thought or thought from practice."  (Emphasis mine.)

--from Globalizing Theology

In other words, who cares about your theology if it's not affecting how you live?  Something about "the devils also believe--and shudder".  Right?



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