Self-Preservation: Walking Through Fire, Water and Sword

January 28, 2017

by Church Administrator


Here, at greater length, Christ prescribes to his disciples another way of guarding their life than that dictated by fleshly reason. It is quite natural that each person desires to place his life in safety; from every place we collect all the protections that we think are in our best interest, and we run away from all danger — in short, we do not consider ourselves really living unless we are properly protected. But Christ commands that we instead pursue this care of our lives — that we should always walk exposed to death “through fire and water” and sword. And certainly, no one will really place his soul in God's hand except for one who has learned to live in the moment, always prepared to die. In sum, Christ orders us to possess our lives both under the cross and among the continual terrors of death.

— John Calvin
Comment on Psalm 66:12
in Commentary on a Harmony of the Gospels

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