The thief comes only to steal and destroy;
I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.
I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd
lays down his life for the sheep. John 10:10-11


“The System Works” – December 16, 2021

A few moments ago, I was sitting in my study here at the church building, lost in thought, when a jarringly loud series of beeps pulled me back into reality. My slight motion had activated the burglar alarm. Once I gathered my wits, I jumped out of my chair and headed toward the alarm pad to quiet the noise by pushing in…

Getting the Hang of It

Good Morning! I’m sitting here in my study at church, looking at this form, trying to exercise the necessary discipline to add a blog post — on my own, without help from the website guru — and it’s all very strange to me. There are words and phrases and symbols on this page that will, in time, become like second nature. But…


November 24, 2021 Welcome to the revamped Christ the Shepherd Church website. I see that you’ve made it all the way back here to the blog page, and I’m glad you’re here! It has always been a desire of mine to have a blog called “My Back Pages”. We could have called it “From the…